Fourteen Steps to End Homelessness

  1. Stop talking about shelters as housing
  2. Overcome the poverty pimps by bringing the voices of the unhoused to the front
  3. Replace the stereotypes of homeless people with fact-based unity
  4. Study the actual causes of homelessness
  5. Understand the full scope of homelessness, from the streets to the college campuses
  6. Unite the housed and the unhoused, including all movements to make housing available and affordable
  7. Unite housed and unhoused artists, whether they do music, writing, visual art, dance, whatever
  8. Don't think of homeless people as second-class citizens with lesser needs than the housed population
  9. Decide what the purpose of housing is. Is it to make billionaires even richer or is it to provide everyone with a decent place to live? It can't be both.
  10. Combine efforts to ensure immediate survival with promotion of a vision to END homelessness
  11. Get off the defensive and go on the offensive
  12. Introduce new ideas into the national discussion. Without the injection of groundbreaking ideas, the discussion of homelessness is limited to various forms of charity
  13. Take the people without homes and put them in the homes without people. According to Amnesty International, there are 18 million empty housing units in the United States.
  14. End homelessness, don't just manage it