Mission Statement and Brief History

Artists United to End Homelessness is a Southern California-based network of all types of artists. Our core values are:

We've had "in person" shows of all kinds--in venues ranging from nightclubs to garages to an auto body shop. Since the pandemic began, we've been holding shows on Zoom. They have featured everyone from a homeless photographer to an Emmy-winning writer, not to mention rappers, painters, poets, actors, jazz musicians, authors, filmmakers and furniture designers. We have held two symposiums on ending homelessness at Cal State Fullerton and are planning another one for April 2021. The words we live by are: Take the people without homes and put them in the homes without people.

Artists United to End Homelessness puts forward solutions to END homelessness in America. We are active and concerned artists who use our talents to educate and inform. Some of us help to feed the homeless, some of us bring forth creations that humanize our homeless brothers and sisters, some of us work to highlight the talents of homeless artists. Whatever we do, we need to be together so we can amplify our voices until the crime of millions of people living in the streets in the richest country in the world is ENDED.